Album: Burn This (2010)

Song: If I Were You (I Wouldn't be Me)

Bitrate: 320kbps

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South-East-London five-piece Ubermanoeuvre were drawn together by a shared dependence on E-number-heavy alcopops and a love of the mosh pit crush. With a sound drawing from the diverse backgrounds of the band members (guitarist Loz is an ex stand-up comic, keyboardist Chucky is a semi-pro juggler and drummer Um is an award-winning traditional Turkish percussionist), Ubermanoeuvre fuse influences from rock, metal, electro and hip hop to produce their high-impact rock 'n' roll.

The band's incendiary live show, propelled by the seemingly inhuman energy levels from hyperactive front man John Lumley, has built a dedicated following of glowstick-wielding, Chodka-drinking fans. Recent gigs included a dangerously over-capacity sell-out headline at London's 229 Venue and explosive showcases acro